About Macros

Macros can do things that are impossible by formulas alone.  Those brilliant macro developers  create “a sufficiently advanced technology that is indistinguishable from magic”.  But most user’s don’t need that much magic.   Macros have their place; but they force the user to perform “steps”, changes to the workbook can make them fail catastrophically, and they are harder to maintain than formula-based workbooks.

Instead, Excel Expert produces workbooks that rely on  equations, formulas, and functions.  These perform flawlessly, even with very large databases, and have several advantages over macro-based methods.  For one, the answers and results are ALWAYS up-to-date, and you never have to wonder if some database or other needs refreshing or if you have forgotten to do something.  Eliminating ‘steps’ in your workflow process makes them run faster and more efficiently.

Of course macros have their place, as they can do things that can’t possibly be done by formulas. They can do things that you can’t even do with Ribbon commands!   Excel Expert workbooks may contain buttons that sort tables in a specific order, or cause a stack of forms to print.