About Our Training

Excel Expert will design a customized course for your staff based on your needs. We conduct interviews of your employees and their supervisors to define a ‘topic list’ from which the course is constructed. The interviews may consist of telephone, in-person, and/or written interviews. The written interview, if used, is in the form of a spreadsheet, which you distribute to interested employees. The results are returned to Excel Expert, who collates the responses and designs the course. This results in the total length (in hours) of the course, which is then parsed out to create a course schedule.

The course is presented using a Powerpoint slide set and a hands-on Excel student workbook as training materials. Students receive an electronic (PDF only) or paper copy of the slide set, which includes room to take notes. The Excel workbook is used during class to explore the various features, functions, and topics, as students will write equations, operate commands, and explore in detail the topic at hand. Homework is also given to allow the students to work problems at their own pace. These materials may be used for references, long after the course is completed.

In some cases, actual workbooks used by company employees may be incorporated into the student workbook. These workbooks will be additionally used to illustrate the course topics, and may be dissected, studied, improved, and critiqued during class.

The course schedule is determined by the needs of you and your company; time of day, length of each lesson, and the total number of lessons are all flexible and specified by you. In this way, your company avoids having an essential number of staff tied up for an all-day lesson, or conflicts with other company activities.

If taught locally (100 mile radius from Longmont Colorado), an instructor will come to your facility and teach in your own training, meeting, or conference rooms. The students supply their own computers, loaded with the applicable version of Excel, and equipped with the Excel student workbook.Webinar instruction is also available through Excel Expert, LLC. Contact us to set up a webinar type training.

All Excel Expert corporate courses are set up with a flat fee, depending on the length of the course. There are no fees per-student, and students may join or leave the class as the material becomes more advanced. This allows the beginners to gain as much knowledge as more advanced students, who need only join after the introductory material is completed.