Corporate Excel Training

Microsoft Excel has increasingly become one of the most useful tools on your office computer. When properly used, this program is able to help you make the most of your data so you can, in turn, get the most from your resources. Many office workers, however, do not have all of the skills necessary to get the most benefit from this program. Now you can change that in your work environment.  Reach out to Excel Expert for corporate Excel training in Longmont, CO.

With our training, you and your team are able to learn how to properly use this program so you can begin maximizing your return on investment. Spreadsheets created in Excel are a great way to display a wide variety of data relevant to the running of your business, including financial information, customer relationship management information, marketing, and employee information.

Excel for Beginners & Beyond

When you sign up for our comprehensive 3-level Excel training course, you are able to take yourself and your staff Beyond the Basics© and to an Expert Analyst. All of the course materials we utilize during your training course are customized to fit the exact needs of your staff and business. We gain a better understanding of what you need through staff interviews and interests, which may include researching actual spreadsheets used by your employees.

To ensure you and your team are getting the most from our classes, we provide a Hands-on Excel© Expert Student Workbook that features working copies of all the formulas, functions, and commands you will need to get the most from the program. Students are asked to write formulas in their workbook to solve real-world data problems during class as well as for homework problems.

If you feel that you or a certain staff member is in need of additional training; we also provide individual Excel training as well as custom courses designed to meet your specific, individual needs.

Make Excel Work for Your Business

Successfully creating spreadsheets for your business is one of the best tools you can have for your company. As an Excel student under our tutelage, you will receive a printed PowerPoint© slide set of all class material as well as the matching Excel Student Workbook so you can reference it at any point in the future if you end up having any questions or concerns when the training is over.

Multi-week lesson schedules and times are set by you to meet your company’s working hours and ensure that our classes do not interrupt your business. Furthermore, we charge a flat fee for our corporate Excel training course. This allows students to leave or join at any point during the course without having to worry about per-student charges.

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding setting up a training course for you and your employees. We provide our corporate Excel training course to clients located throughout the Longmont, Colorado, area.