Here you will find a list of  working examples which illustrate many of the areas in which Excel Expert LLC ‘excels’ in.  The examples illustrate various techniques which can be readily applied to your business or personal workbooks.  All examples are password-protected to prevent accidental damage to the equations which make them work.  You can download any of these to explore how they work, and notice how some of these techniques could be applied to your own workbooks to speed up your productivity, etc…. [need more here].

  • Business Model –> This is an example of a business model which finds the “sweet spot” for prices, etc.  Hire Excel Expert to model your business today!
  • Dynamic Charts –> Your spreadsheets can use Dynamic Charts to zoom in on key areas or expand  & contract the horizontal scale just by entering two values in  cells.   Charts can be made that expand automatically to include the newest data without editing the chart formulas!  No macros involved!
  • Eliminate Scrolling ⇒ This time-waster can be eliminated by add Lookup capbilities to any table.  Simply type whatever you’re trying to find in a table, and the rest of the data appears right there with no scrolling!  You can even look up by various methods, i.e. First Name or Last Name.
  • Date Stamp an Entry ⇒ Now you can time & date stamp when entries were made in any table!  A macro-free solution to this vexing Excel ‘problem’.
  • Goof-Proof User Inputs –> With drop-down lists, automatic typo-detection, pop-up warnings, and instant help on what to enter, your database is protected against errors and kept consistent.  Entering data is much faster, since you can select from a list rather than typing text values.
  • Dynamic Tables –  When your workbook has Dynamic Tables, there is no longer any need to edit the summarizing equations to include new data –  the equations automatically expand to encompass the new data!
  • Automatic Coloring –> Automatically highlight important results in any colors you can think of; for example,   “Good” values green, “Getting close” values yellow, and “bed” values red.  Excel Expert can eliminate that tedious time you spend time highlighting cells by hand!
  • Commission Calculation –> Your most complex sales commission scheme can be computed by a spreadsheet programmed to follow your most complex rules!
  • Duplicate Record Finding → Your mailing list can be pared down, even if the duplicate matching don’t have exactly the same content, e.g. “St.” and “Street” both.

Sweet Sheets Business Model Final Protected Rev A